Meet your Sarva Yogis

Sarva's instructors come from the birthplace of yoga - Rishikesh, India. Every trainer is proficient in our 25 unique forms of yoga along with being an expert in specific forms of yoga. Together, our trainers work towards the same goal - helping you get happier and healthier.

Aditi Sadh

Qualification: Â PG Diploma in Yoga

Experience: Â 2 years

Speciality: Â Yoga for flexibility and strength and high-intensity workouts

Radhika Arora

Qualification: Â Graduated in Yogic Sciences

Experience: Â 6 years

Speciality: Â Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Look at what the SARVA community has to say - Testimonials


Radhika is an amazing yoga trainer! She takes care of everything and instructs very patiently and listens to everybody. Thank you Sarva for such a gem instructor, just love her! ❤️


I can't thank Aditi enough for the effort she puts in our live sessions. Her class is the best part of my day. She did not just teach us asanas but how to feel good along with that.


The sessions have helped me have better flexibility, strength, and metabolism. I feel happy for the whole day after the session.


It was a nice session and the way the trainer corrects the pose through web conference and lets the people know about each yoga pose in detail makes the session very fruitful.


I tried to attend a session while I was on a ship and despite the network issues from my side, I considered it to be worth every minute.